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Learn how to get more from your life with the skills of using energy.

London November 2019. Date tbc.

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If from the outside life looks wonderful, but that’s not really how you experience it, then the skills in using energy will help create a big shift for you.

We’ve been using these skills for around 20 years. Our lives have literally been transformed by them, as have countless others we have passed these practical energy skills to… Not in a ‘Disney’ or fairy tale way but with results that led to tangible benefits we and they could experience in every day life. 

Over two weekends this July we will teach you how to improve your health happiness with a 15-minute daily practice...

People who have learnt the 4 important fundamental energy practices from us know how to better self regulate to:

Overcoming long term health issues

Have greater resilience to common niggling illnesses

Reduce stress and anxiety

Deal with persistent worry

Avoid burnout and energy depletion

Positively engage in the things they do and get involved in

Have a more joyful outlook and enthusiasm for life

And be in the driving seat in regards to their own health and wellbeing

In the end it often comes down to feeling better and more able to deal with everyday life.

Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners. At the same time, in one weekend, I learned so much, and was deeply moved, amazed and inspired, to begin what I fully expect will be a lifelong journey. So grateful! 

Katherine D

Developing Energy Skills over 2 Weekends

Over the two weekends in July we will be we will be teaching (or reminding you of) the fundamental skills common to all genuine forms of “energy practice”, known as Chi Kung/Qigong. During the course we will take you progressively through these skills so that you can repeat them at home and get the benefits yourself. You will come away with a daily, simple, 15-minute practice that has been keeping people well for thousands of years. 

In the first weekend we will be teaching the skills of energy flow and how people like you can use them practically to feel better, be more relaxed and come away with practical methods you can use yourself to be more able to deal with everyday life.

During the second weekend we will continue to use the skills from the first weekend to teach how to increase your energy levels, regulate energy flow and improve your sense of calm as well as developing a greater capacity to deal with what life offers.

If you already have the skills of energy flow and clearing you can attend just the second weekend. However, we believe we can improve anybody’s basic energy skills so even then you might want to come along to the first course. 

Coping better and moving forward…

In addition to developing the essential skills, of being able to generate an energy flow, to clear things that get in the way of good health, we will also share with you methods you can practically use for dealing with overwhelming stress, anxiety, persistent worry and pain.

With lots of information out there on Chi Kung, focusing mainly on the physical aspect, you can rest assured that with us, you will come away with very simple, practical skills of using energy you can apply to various aspects of your life, bringing a lot of positive benefits to you and those around you.

Many thanks to you and Barry for clearly and generously sharing your experiences of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong over the weekend. I found the workshop fun, informative and practical. 

Dr Hung

The skills shared on this workshop have become invaluable to me. I feel empowered, humbled and lighter each time I apply the methods, with a noticeable lessening of my body aches and pains. My goal is a full remission of the fibromyalgia symptoms. Even to say that feels potent, not idealistic. I have hope.

Harry Theaker, Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer, Bodyworker and Zero Balancing Student

Barry and Tim

Tim Franklin is an international Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan and Qigong master, yoga teacher, therapist, personal coach, energy medicine practitioner, healer, speaker and author.

His simple, relaxed, focused and passionate approach has enabled people from all walks of life to experience the joys of being in the driving seat of their physical, mental and emotional health, comfort and success.

Barry Smale is a psychotherapist in a London hospital, working with trauma, self-regulation difficulties, addictions and medically unexplained symptoms. He uses a number of approaches from CBT through to various energy psychology methods (and is an ACEP member). He has also been teaching Chi Kung internationally for many years, including in the hospital, and even very disturbed clients have found it wonderfully helpful.

November 2019. Date tbc.

First weekend - Skills in energy flow for improved health and happiness
Second Weekend  - Deepen your energy skills for increased energy, flow and nourishing your systems

10.00am - 1.00pm & 3.00 - 6.00pm

£495 per weekend course

Where: The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA

Note: If this is your first time training with Fully Alive you will need to take the first weekend course to develop the important skills of energy flow, before you can take the second weekend course.

And, as always, if we don’t deliver what we say during these courses you can have your money back.

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