Being Well Course - Energy Skills for Sustaining Health

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit explains the benefits of training with Fully Alive

16th - 18th October 2020
Live Online and In-person
at Monkton Wyld Court in Dorset

Foundation Energy Skills

Whatever wonderful things you have going on in your life it is challenging to enjoy them when you don’t feel right. Difficulties and ill-health come in many forms  - but whatever it is can really interfere or restrict you from getting on with your life.

There are many wonderful forms of therapy and many skilled practitioners to get help from. When pain is acute, things aren’t working or life looks dark they can offer a life-line back to good health.

It’s also useful to know you can maintain the improvements you make and manage your health and wellbeing by developing skills in using energy. This course will help you develop confidence and skills in using energy to sustain health, increase your energy and improve the quality of your life.

During this weekend course we will be teaching (or reminding you of) the fundamental skills common to all genuine forms of “energy practice”, often known as Chi Kung/Qigong. During the course we will take you progressively through these skills so that you can repeat them at home and get the benefits yourself. You will come away with a daily, simple, 15 minute practice that has been keeping people well for thousands of years.

The course numbers are limited so that two experienced teachers will be able to give you personal attention with your practice. We will also have time to make suggestions for your individual Chi Kung routine, depending on specific health concerns or objectives you have.

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Many thanks to you and Barry for clearly and generously sharing your experiences of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong over the weekend. I found the workshop fun, informative and practical. 

Dr Hung

Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners. At the same time, in one weekend, I learned so much, and was deeply moved, amazed and inspired, to begin what I fully expect will be a lifelong journey. So grateful! 

Katherine D

The skills shared on this workshop have become invaluable to me. I feel empowered, humbled and lighter each time I apply the methods, with a noticeable lessening of my body aches and pains. My goal is a full remission of the fibromyalgia symptoms. Even to say that feels potent, not idealistic. I have hope.

To be Fully Alive...Yes, it's a wonderful proposition!

Harry Theaker, Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer, Bodyworker and Zero Balancing Student

Just 15 minutes a day practice can provide profound health benefits...

For over five thousand years the Chinese have practiced “skills in using energy”. These arts have the ability to help people in:

            Clearing illness

            Being free of stress, anxiety and worry

            Enjoying being chilled out without feeling guilty

            Feeling the benefits of their practice in everyday life

It’s possible to achieve this with a simple practice that takes 15 minutes a day. But it’s important to practice effectively. During this course we will explain the four key principles that make the difference.

What you'll learn at this course...

Rather than focus on lots of forms, that people often forget or worry about, we teach progressive skills to help you generate and regulate energy flow. This also minimises the likelihood of you creating harm or unhelpful habits from wrongful training.

People that have trained with us are often surprised at the down-to-earth and simple way we teach, and the profound results that brings. Partly this is because we have been training and teaching the skills in using energy for around 20 years. And the other reason is because we make the practice simple and practical on purpose. 

During this course we will take you through the important fundamental techniques and skills of:

Standing in an uprighting and relaxing way

Absence of unnecessary tension

Coming to stillness

Correct Form 

Correct breathing

Chi Kung state of mind

Smiling from the Heart

Experiencing energy flow

Generating an energy flow

Generating a vigorous energy flow

Conscious flow appropriate to the outcome

How to use energy in everyday life

Barry and Tim

Tim Franklin is an international Shaolin Kungfu, Taijiquan and Qigong master, yoga teacher, therapist, personal coach, energy medicine practitioner, healer, speaker and author.

His simple, relaxed, focused and passionate approach has enabled people from all walks of life to experience the joys of being in the driving seat of their physical, mental and emotional health, comfort and success.

Barry Smale is a psychotherapist in a London hospital, working with trauma, self-regulation difficulties, addictions and medically unexplained symptoms. He uses a number of approaches from CBT through to various energy psychology methods (and is an ACEP member). He has also been teaching Chi Kung internationally for many years, including in the hospital, and even very disturbed clients have found it wonderfully helpful.

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Welcome talk and intro on Friday 16th at Monkton Wyld Court

9.30 am - 5.30 pm Saturday

9 am - 3.30 pm Sunday

Live Online £240
In-Person at Monkton Wyld Court £295 (+ Board)

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The course starts on Friday 16th October. You can arrive in the afternoon on Friday 16th October for dinner at 6 pm and a welcome talk. We'll start at 9.00 am on Saturday 17th and aim to finish by 4 pm on Sunday 18th.

Cost: £295 + Board

Please book your accommodation direct with Monkton Wyld Court. The cost of accommodation is in addition to the course fee. You do not have to stay at Monkton Wyld Court to do this course. If you prefer to stay somewhere else or just come to the course only that is fine.

Monkton Wyld Court also provides delicious organic meals. This is included in the full-board cost, but you can also pay for the meals separately if you are not staying.

Many participants choose to stay there as we all get together for eating, chatting and sharing. As such it makes the whole experience more immersive for you.

Taking into consideration Covid19 care numbers are limited for this course at Monkton Wyld Court

For more information on booking a room at Monkton Wyld Court visit:

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