Being Well Course – Energy Skills for Sustaining Health. Residential 16-18.10.20


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What you’ll learn at this course…

Rather than focus on lots of forms, that people often forget or worry about, we teach progressive skills to help you generate and regulate energy flow. This also minimises the likelihood of you creating harm or unhelpful habits from wrongful training.

People that have trained with us are often surprised at the down-to-earth and simple way we teach, and the profound results that bring. Partly this is because we have been training and teaching the skills in using energy for around 20 years. And the other reason is that we make the practice simple and practical on purpose.

During this course, we will take you through the important fundamental techniques and skills of:

  • Standing in an uprighting and relaxing way
  • Absence of unnecessary tension
  • Coming to stillness
  • Correct Form
  • Correct breathing
  • Chi Kung state of mind
  • Smiling from the Heart
  • Experiencing energy flow
  • Generating an energy flow
  • Generating a vigorous energy flow
  • Conscious flow appropriate to the outcome
  • How to use energy in everyday life

Where: Monkton Wyld Court – Dorset

The course starts at 9.30 am on Saturday 17th October. You can arrive in the afternoon on Friday 16th October for dinner at 6 pm and a welcome talk. We’ll start at 9.00 am on Sunday 18th and aim to finish by 4 pm.

Cost: £295 + Board

Online only cost £240