Develop Energy Skills

with Fully Alive

Fully Alive Dictionary meaning of 'Energy Skills':

The feeling you get when your body feels healthy and alive, your mind feels fresh and you're ready to face life's challenges.

It's a bit like explaining to someone what a banana tastes like, if they've never had one, but it's our best attempt.

This page explains the journey we take you through in developing your energy skills.

"Barry and Tim are incredibly accomplished in conveying - even online - very subtle and complex ideas and making us actually feel rather than think about what we are learning." - Nicola

We use Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung as the main way to teach you energy skills. We learnt this from Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

We've been honing our skills for over 20 years and use this experience to translate it into a modern, down to earth way.

Developing Important Foundation Energy Skills

The Fully Alive syllabus covers the four fundamental levels of energy skill as well as higher-level skills such as Bone Marrow Cleansing and Small Universe.

The first four levels of the syllabus will help prepare you for more in-depth and more advanced Chi Kung training. In these courses, you will develop foundation energy skills, as well as receiving instruction on how to develop and apply the fundamental skills for using energy in everyday life.

The four foundation Fully Alive courses are:

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Energy Flow for Health

Level one

Generating Energy Flow for Health and Happiness

Fundamentals of Chi Kung - Developing skills for concious flow

Level two

Developing Skills for Conscious Flow

Chi Kung - Separating Water

Level three

Building Internal Force for Increased Vitality

Fundamentals of Energy Flow and Advanced Chi Kung

Level four

Refining Energy for Peace and Happiness

The primary skill of Chi Kung is the ability to generate an energy flow. We come back to this skill again and again throughout our teaching.

Armed with the skill of energy flow, we will teach you to use energy to achieve the three essential aspects of Chi Kung practice -

Cleansing | Building | Nourishing.

We help people make practical use of energy skills beyond the form of Chi Kung, in their everyday life.

All of our courses teach how to use an energy skill for a specific outcome.

For instance, our level 1 course is called - Generating Energy Flow for Health and Happiness. So, the skill is "generating energy flow", and the outcome is "health and happiness".


Once you've learnt how to generate an energy flow, the next fundamental skills are:

  • Cleansing - using energy flow to clear things that get in the way of good health [part of Level 1]
  • Building - using energy flow to increase the quantity of energy you have available to use [Level 3]
  • Nourishing - using energy flow to increase the quality of energy flowing inside you [Level 4]


So, what is Level 2?
During our early teaching career we noticed that some people didn't make as much progress as we expected. We realised there was a missing step - being able to choose how vigorously their energy flowed - which is important when developing other skills. And so we added Level 2 - Developing skills for conscious flow.

At each step, you go away with a simple 15 minute routine and an understanding of how to use the new skills in daily life.

At each stage you will see benefits in terms of health, happiness and resilience so it isn't necessary to go on and learn more if you feel like you have done enough.

"[Fully Alive's] classes are clear and easy to understand, and the groups are friendly and inviting." Pascal

Some people like to carry on, for various reasons: they want/need the benefits of a later course, they enjoy taking time out for themselves or they enjoy training with us. And once you have the fundamental skills of generating, cleansing, building and nourishing you are ready to get the benefits of Levels 5-12 and learn one of many energy skills you might have heard about.

"The Chi Kung that Tim and Barry taught has given me the means to effectively clear a lot of old ‘stuff’ which had previously proven quite difficult for me to let go of." Ross

"Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners." Kathryn

"From the start the course was relaxed with a very calming atmosphere. I learnt the practice and have found it to be invaluable."

"Don't be deceived by the simplicity of the skills taught. Embrace them, and apply them to your own context. The results speak for themselves." Harry

"Both Tim and Barry are able to decrypt the ancient teachings and new science discoveries, conveying these in a very funny, approachable and easy way." Pascal

"I feel an amazing warm sensation flowing through my limbs and as a result I start to feel calm, energised, more focused and present in my work and life throughout the day." Beatrice