Wong Kiew Kit Cultivating Spirit Training Energy Course Malaysia Dec 18
Mind and spirit

Adyashanti, a modern day spiritual teacher, said if you want to experience reality as it really is then a lot of things that are precious to you will disappear on the way. Sometimes that is uncomfortable. And so, to pursue it, it is only sensible there is a passionately held, personal decision to want to experience reality as it actually is. A bit like that old saying about pursuing it in the way a person with their hair on fire looks for a lake.

In our school, most people don’t pursue that aim. They want to lead a healthy and happy life, feeling satisfied at the end of life and having a death that feels more like ‘heaven’ than ‘hell’.

Zhang San Feng, the patriarch of Taijiquan, wrote a treatise on achieving what he called “The Great Void”, which is one way of describing the experience of “reality as it is”. He explained some things that he trained in order to reach that experience and also, as importantly, being prepared for the reality of that experience.

Entering the way, nourish heart, stabilize nature;

accumulate energy focus spirit be main path.

Practice this art must follow thus.

Heart not peaceful, nature disturbed.

Energy not accumulated, spirit disordered.

Heart and nature not united, spirit and energy not co-ordinated, four limbs and hundred meridians of body lifeless, and functions useless. To pacify heart and stabilize nature, focus spirit and accumulate energy. Not miss hit-sitting. Not neglect techniques of training. Search within movement and quiescence the benefits of Grand Ultimate.

This course:
unpacks that training

shows how each element can be useful in everyday life

prepares you for engaging in and dealing with life [however you see it]

and, ultimately, offers a chance of getting of glimpsing reality as described by people like Buddha or Jesus

and, if you chose to, how to be there more often

Sifu in green


1. To have a practical understanding of the nature of Cultivating Spirit and Training Energy: 
using the “Focusing Spirit Accumulating Energy in Grand Ultimate Practice” Treatise of Zhang San Feng.

2. To acquire advanced skills and techniques that can be practiced to train energy, cultivate spirit & lead a  healthy, happy and meaningful life


1. To have a practical understanding of the wisdom of Zhang San Feng

2. To learn to flow with the Cosmos, rather than against it

3. To learn how to attain a unity of spirit and energy

4. To learn how to use those skills with compassion and wisdom

5. To experience Cosmic and phenomenal reality … at the same time

6. To have a direct experience of Cosmic Consciousness

Course Content

1. From Wuji to Taiji to Wuji 

2. Nourishing Heart, Stabilising Nature 

3. Accumulating energy, focusing mind 

4. Cultivating Spirit 

Aspirations and needs met 

1. To clearly understand the nature, process and benefits of cultivating spirit and training energy

2. To embody the benefits in living a healthy, happy and meaningful life

3. To experience Cosmic Consciousness here and now and learn how that can be used wisely and responsibly


Expected Result (during the course itself)

1. Feel mentally fresh and clear

2. Experience the spiritual joys and deep peace of the Cosmos

3. Experience your life as a meaningful flow of Cosmic energy

4. Experience Cosmic and phenomenal reality at the same time

5. Experience Cosmic Consciousness

6. Feel confident to continue practicing cultivating and strengthening spirit and overcome any “tests” or challenges during the process

7. Be amazed at what you can directly experience and embody through the wisdom of Zhang San Feng as taught by a Grandmaster

From our understanding, among other things Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will be using elements of Dragon Strength, Cotton Palm and Five Dan Tien training to bring this course alive .

As we explained here Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit will also be teaching two courses at the UK Summer Camp in 2018 that will be useful preparation for anyone interested in taking this course.

Course information and Booking

Venue: Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

Arrival: 2nd December
Departure: 8th December
Deposit: £100
Cost: 1800 Euros 

Price Includes two complimentary dinners

Accommodation cost not included

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To help prepare students for the course with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in Malaysia, Fully Alive will be teaching the following course in Madrid on June 8-10

Day 1 - Entering the Way of Freedom and Happiness - Wuji to Taiji to Wuji
Day 2 - Enhancing Energy Fields for Stability and Connection: Five Dan Tien Training.

For more information on this course see our Retreat page here