We teach Chi Kung as an Energy Art to help you :

  • Clear Chronic Illness
  • Have More Energy
  • Increase Your Resilience
  • Strengthen Your Mind and Spirit

When you join the Fully Alive program we share the four fundamental levels of energy skill as well as higher-level skills such as Bone Marrow Cleansing and Small Universe.

The first four levels of the syllabus will help prepare you for more in-depth and more advanced Chi Kung training. In these courses, you will develop foundation energy skills, as well as receiving instruction on how to develop and apply the fundamental skills for using energy in everyday life.

The donation and 4-weekly classes are a way of introducing these skills to you. That way, you can try them out before committing to a more in-depth online course in developing energy skills.

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Learn how to apply energy to everything you do...

Free Online Fully Alive Chi Kung Classes
Energy Flow for Health

Donation Chi Kung Class on Wednesdays 9 am

Chi Kung Forms for Health and Fitness

Lifting the Sky Chi Kung -Tim

Donation Chi Kung Class on
Fridays 9 am

Fundamentals of Energy Flow for Health

Fundamentals of Energy Flow and Advanced Chi Kung

Chi Kung Courses Start on 13th and 14th of April 2021

Fundamentals and Beyond

See Below for More Details

Donations for morning classes

It's good to pass things on, and we enjoy sharing the wonderful benefits of the Shaolin Arts with you.

The classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings are on the basis of donation and mutual support. By supporting the morning classes you receive support in your practice, and this helps fulfil our aim in passing on the practices to help people be more fully alive.

Fully Alive relies on the generosity of people like you who feel the practice is an important part of their lives and brings noticeable benefits. By choosing to support Fully Alive you are helping strengthen and spread the arts to those who need it.

The suggested donation amount for each class is between £5-£10. However, if your situation dictates that you can give more or less than the suggested amount then it is up to you. No one is turned away for lack of means. 

If you have a question or would like to join a class please get in touch. If you have just donated for either the Wednesday or Friday morning class, then please let us know so we can send you the Zoom link. We look forward to hearing from you.

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New Classes Starting from 5th July 2021...

  • Monday 7 to 8.30 pm - Shaolin Arts ~ The Way of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Development
  • Tuesday 7 to 8 pm - Tai Chi ~ Cultivating Mind, Body, Energy & Spirit for Inner Peace and Flow
  • Wednesday 9 to 9.30 am - Chi Kung Forms for Health and Fitness
  • Wednesday 7 to 8 pm - Chi Kung / Unfolding Being ~ A Fully Alive Energy Path to Conscious Living
  • Thursday 7 to 8 pm - Chi Kung ~ Energy Flow for Health and Happiness
  • Friday 9 to 9.30 am - Chi Kung ~ Fundamentals of Energy Flow for Health and Well-Being
  • Saturday 8.30 to 10 am - Shaolin Arts ~ The Way of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Development

These previous courses are available to purchase as pre-recorded live lessons.

Level 1 -
Energy Flow for Health & Happiness

12-week Online Course

Level 2 -
Developing Skills for Conscious Flow

12-week Online Course

Level 4 -
Refining Energy for Peace and Happiness

12-week Online Course

Sinew Metamorphosis & Energy Breathing for Adaptive & Durable Living

12-week Online Course

Foundation Courses

Cleansing / Building / Nourishing

Intermediate Courses

Advanced Courses

1500 years of practice passed on...

The Shaolin Arts have been taught and passed down over the last 1500 years. At Fully Alive we are lucky to be part of that lineage and want to pass on the benefits we continue to get from this practice.

Please pass on this page to anyone you think might benefit.

Shaolin Grandmaster of Shaolin Wahnam - Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

Training with a Shaolin Grandmaster

We are ordinary people who have been lucky enough to find and practice a number of extraordinary arts, including the arts taught to us by a Shaolin Grandmaster.

Practising these arts has changed us and the way we live our lives and we believe it is important to pass these things on so others can benefit.


"Barry and Tim are incredibly accomplished in conveying - even online - very subtle and complex ideas and making us actually feel rather than think about what we are learning."

- Nicola

Chi Kung Lessons

Expert sensitive teaching from two genuine Masters who possess the deep experience, skill, knowledge and care, to bring the powerful world of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung gently, responsibly and gradually to beginners. Deeply moved, amazed and inspired. So grateful!

Katherine D

Chi Kung Course

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