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Chi Kung practitioner

George Carivalis

Feedback from a long time Chi Kung student...

I have been practicing Chi Kung for many years and have experienced so many benefits with the simplest of daily practice. It translates as energy work and is the first of the three arts that include Tai Chi and Kung Fu and are rooted in traditional teachings that were brought into China from India.

If you are looking for an authentic and experienced Chi Kung teacher to introduce you to a simply daily practice, or just simply want to learn more, I highly recommend you follow Tim Franklin who offers online courses to absolute beginners.

Tim has taught me for many years and has been outstanding as a teacher.

You will find that with very little practice you will benefit from reduced anxiety and a greater feeling of “flow” that you can take into your daily lives. You can do and little or much as you need. Even the simplest practice of a few minutes a day will have benefits.

Ancient Wisdom Solves an Age-Old Problem

Smooth energy flow is the foundation of good health and wellbeing.

Learn the 1500-year-old Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands Exercises

Online Course

Benefits You Can Get

Clearing illness, more energy, better performance, living at ease...

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Levels You Can Work At

The arts we teach affect your body, emotions, thoughts, energy and spirit...

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Outcomes are the focus of everything we do. The benefits are why you keep practicing...

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Being a SuperAger

Living a Long, Healthy, Active & Fulfilling Life

Chi Kung works directly on the energy in each of us that powers the natural systems that keep us healthy – clearing things that cause a problem. It contains the skills that makes clearing and flowing a reliable, repeatable process. This isn’t an intellectual idea but a practical reality for us.


Classes in London pass on essential skills to clear illness, have more energy, increase resilience and strengthen your mind and spirit. Practicing these arts has changed the way we live our lives.


Chi Kung is rooted in a deep understanding of the way illness, lack of energy, unhelpful emotional/mental states arise and the natural way the human mind and body can heal itself.

We also teach Taijiquan, also known as Tai Chi Chuan (Wudang Kung Fu) as passed down by the patriarch of all internal arts, Zhang San Feng. He was the first person to integrate Chi Kung, physical arts (like Kung Fu) and meditation into one practice.

An explanation of the benefits and practice of the Tai Chi Chuan we teach - the original Wudang Kung Fu arts as passed down by the patriarch of all internal arts, Zhang San Feng.