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'Cotton Palm develops powerful, expansive, flowing force that can be targeted in a soft, gentle and unobtrusive way. This can be used to have powerful effects both within a practitioner and on the things around them.'

Fully Alive

There are many methods to developing Cotton Palm. The main principle is that the chi must be flowing. The more chi there is and the better the flow, the more powerful is the Cotton Palm … Cotton Palm is a very advanced art. It is traditionally taught to an inner-chamber disciple after he has proven his worth after many years of kungfu training.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit


Moving onto great Chi Kung Arts

Energy powers all life and is the foundation for good health and vitality. The Shaolin tradition has developed fundamental skills to make most effective use of this energy:

Flowing | Cleansing | Building | Nourishing | Consolidating

When these skills had been mastered specific arts were then developed. These arts refined and combined the fundamental skills to achieve specific or higher level aims. Examples of these arts are: Small Universe, Bone Marrow Cleansing and Sinew Metamorphosis.

Cotton Palm is another example of one of these great arts – not well understood and not widely practiced.

So, what is Cotton Palm?

Cotton Palm is famous for its powerful flowing force and can be used to enhance energy flow to power martial arts, healing and speed up recovery.

At the ‘technique’ level there are a variety of sets and training methods that have been used to develop the skill of Cotton Palm. Each can be considered to be more or less internal or external. This course focuses on internal techniques and methods.

At the skill level Cotton Palm is about developing powerful, expansive, flowing force that can be targeted in a soft, gentle and unobtrusive way. This can be used to have powerful effects both within a practitioner and on the things around them.


Cotton Palm is a particular combination of the following skills:

Flowing | Fa – Jing (exploding) | Expansion | Energy Control


Wong Kiew Kit Chi Kung

Cotton Palm Set

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has developed a unique Cotton Palm set to help students develop Cotton Palm force. Students should use the video to learn the set and practice everyday leading up to the course.

Note: The practitioner must be in a chi kung state of mind and not use any muscular strength in their practice.

Many people ask what is the difference between arts like Cotton Palm, Cosmos Palm and Iron Palm. One way of looking at it is through the analogy of ‘Ultra Sound’.


A skilled technician could use sound energy to gently identify a baby, sound waves to break a kidney stone into its constituent elements or hit an intruder with a sound wave box to disable them. In the same way these arts use the fundamental skills in different ways and combinations to achieve aims.


Each of these is the technician using particular combinations of the energy and material components of ultra sound to achieve his aim. Just the same with the Cotton Palm, Cosmos Palm and Iron Palm arts when used by a skillful Chi Kung practitioner.


Tim Guard Hand

What does Cotton Palm give you?

Practicing Cotton Palm greatly increases both the rate and volume of energy flow. This means that all the benefits of Chi Kung are enhanced. So, health, happiness and avoidance of harm or injury is more effortlessly achieved and maintained.

Cotton Palm has personal benefits for martial artists, performers, sports people and healers. These are specifically:

Increased fluidity of movement and thought
Increased speed of movement and thought
More access to powerful energy and greater reserves
Greater awareness and sensitivity

Obviously the benefits of speedy and enhanced recovery are particularly useful to these people in their own training process.

As well as having personal effects for the practitioner the skills of Cotton Palm can be used to affect outside things. Healers can use these skills to aid treatments and recovery of their clients. Martial artists will develop the skill of striking to have an internal effect without leaving an external mark. For other performers and sports people the personal effects increase their external performance.

You are not just learning an art. Learning Cotton Palm “puts your hands on the levers” that control the skills and rate of flowing, exploding, consolidating and expanding energy. Obviously with Cotton Palm there are particular “ settings” for these. However, in being introduced to these aspects it is easier to go on to other arts and adjust them accordingly. If you’ve already been introduced to these elements in other arts it will be easier to develop the skills of Cotton Palm.


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