(Chi Kung Course Two) 4th June 2017 - Guildford, Surrey


Fully Alive Qigong Course

Progressing from the fundamentals

At the most basic level a Chi Kung practitioner should have the skill to get their energy flowing at will. This is the essential level of skill required from a beginner to a master. The skills are not the point though. The point is the outcome or the benefits you get from having developed the skills.

Developing conscious skills...

At the most basic the fundamental skills ensure you don’t get in the way of achieving the highest benefits of chi kung – in one way you might look at this as not causing ‘harm’.

The next level of development is to use those skills to consciously achieve the benefits – either generally or where you are focused on a particular benefit. Another way of looking at this would be that you create positives, or ‘good’ for yourself and - in the Shaolin tradition - this kind of ‘good’ spreads out to others.

Sifu Wong ZSF
Specific Techniques

This course teaches you the skills to do just that...

This course will help you to understand the practical detail of how to use the fundamental skills. It will show you specific ways to practice to achieve each of the promised benefits of Chi Kung. So you can choose when and how to practice holistically or to focus on one of the specific benefits that might be important to you at a particular time:


Clearing any illness or symptoms

Maintaining good health

Increasing energy and vitality

Having mental clarity

Improving performance in an aspect of life

Why is reaching the heart and achieving the benefits important?

Developing skills is essential. Being able to consciously use those skills in the way you want is the next level of development. Everyone’s lives and aims are different. We make different decisions about what is important to us. Also, modern science (Epigenetics, Neuro Feedback) recognizes that an individuals environment shapes who they are, as does their response to that environment. This course allows YOU to decide how to use the fundamental skills of Chi Kung to meet the challenges of your environment and how to achieve the characteristics of the life you want.

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What does realizing and manifesting the benefits of Chi Kung look like?

People who practice these arts stay well – physically, emotionally and mentally. Our experience is that the niggly little physical problems like colds, stomach bugs and headaches just don’t stick. Also, we know that emotional stress leads to tension in the body and prolonged stress can lead to a depleted immune system, poor health and low moods. Difficult thoughts, images, memories, even old traumas can also feed these difficulties. This course helps break that unhelpful spiral, releasing the things that lead back into illness or stop people moving forwards. In simple terms, people maintain and improve their health and happiness.

We all know we are happier when we feel energized and bother ourselves less about things. It also means we are more resistant to stress and illness. Western science is catching up with these simple facts that people have always known about themselves.

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So what’s next?

Once you have done this course you will have learnt how to realize and manifest the fundamentals skills reliably to meet your own requirements. You can then progress where your skills begin to naturally ensure the right things happen … and then onto the next course - Applying the fundamentals of Chi Kung, everywhere, in whatever you do.