“The fundamental skills can be taken and used at any level.
People who take this course can aspire to the highest levels,
if they understand, practice and realise that’s what they can aim for”.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

 (Chi Kung Course One) 3rd June 2017 - Guildford, Surrey



There are many techniques and systems of Chi Kung [e.g. Zi Fa Dong Gong, Wu Xing Si, Dao Yin, Sap Pat Lor Hon Kung, Ba Duan Jin, Cosmic Shower, Small Universe].

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has been practicing and teaching many of them for over 50 years. Rather than focus on techniques, this course, and the others at the summer camp, will focus on ensuring you develop and deepen the fundamental skills on which all Chi Kung is based.

Why is this important?

Because they ARE the fundamental skills of ALL Chi Kung.
For instance, all great tennis players have great footwork.
All great gymnasts have great balance and physical co-ordination.
They achieve the outcome they do by developing other skills on top of these fundamentals – not basic or simplistic but FUNDAMENTALS. The same is true for achieving the best outcome from Chi Kung – developing wonderful fundamental skills as the basis.

Sifu Walking
Great Master

What is possible…

The great masters of Chi Kung throughout the ages have promised the following outcomes through the practice of Chi Kung:

Being able to clear any illness

Maintaining good health

Increasing energy and vitality

Having mental clarity

Improving performance in any, and every, aspect of life

Living at ease in an open-hearted way 

They were able to achieve this by understanding the fundamental skills and practicing in a way that ensured they improved in these areas.

That is what this course is about.

Being very specific about what the fundamental skills of Chi Kung are and how to practice in a way that makes sure they develop reliably and consistently. That will have an effect on your everyday life, ensure you achieve the promised outcomes of Chi Kung and, if you want, prepare you to get the benefits of more advanced Chi Kung techniques or approaches.


Specific Techniques
Fully Alive Qigong Course

From beginner to master

This course is obviously useful for beginners or those who have never practiced Chi Kung before – it sets them on the right road. If you are an already skillful Chi Kung practitioner this then becomes a Masterclass. A chance to learn from a Grandmaster to refine or tweak your practice and skills to increase your ability to get the benefits of the most advanced Chi Kung practice as well as: maintain a Chi Kung state of mind, generate a smooth flow of energy and be able to maintain and apply a smooth flow of energy to any and every aspect of daily life, whatever the external circumstances.

Book the course

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So what’s next?

Once you have done this course you will have learnt how to develop and deepen the fundamental skills of Chi Kung. This is a practice in itself. It can also lead you to further development, where you can consciously use the skills to achieve specific results … this is the next course - Realizing and manifesting the fundamentals of Chi Kung 

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