Booking Courses

Once you have chosen your course or courses, included any discounts you are entitled to (There are various discounts to take advantage of, so check before booking), you are then ready to pay a deposit of £100 per course, to secure your place. This can be paid by Paypal (below) or email us to make a bank transfer. 

If you are unsure about courses, prices or booking then you can always email us instead. Full details and pricing for courses are below. Once booked we will send you confirmation of your place on the courses.

Chi Kung Course One
Developing and deepening the fundamentals of Chi Kung.
3rd June


Chi Kung Course Two
Realizing and manifesting the fundamentals of Chi Kung
4th June


Chi Kung Course Three
Applying the fundamentals of Chi Kung, everywhere
5th June


Cotton Palm Course
Developing and applying powerful and smooth energy flows.
10th to 11th June


Kung Fu Course
From beginner to master
4 day intensive
6th -9th June



▪ Book 2 courses - £100 off total

▪ Book 3 courses - £200 off total

▪ Book 4 courses - £300 off total

▪ Book 5 courses - £400 off total

£50 discount on each of the Chi Kung courses if you have taken any Chi Kung course before with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Examples (all without early bird discount):
New Student taking all 5 courses = £2115.
Previous student of GM taking all five course = £1915
New student taking Chi kung courses 1,2&3 = £925
Previous student of GM taking courses 1,2&3 =£775
Previous student of GM taking courses 2,3&Special = £1200

Book before 31st March 2017 (£100 per course deposit required): £50 discount per course

Deposits are non-refundable.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied following completion of your chosen courses, please let us know at the end of the course and we will return your money.

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