“Many chi kung and kungfu practitioners have missed the wonderful opportunity to experience life as a meaningful flow of energy. Indeed, many of them may not really understand what the expression means although they know the dictionary meaning of all the words used. Having this understanding contributes to a rare feature of our school… students are relaxed and happy, have a good philosophy of life, are kind and considerate to others, experience chi flow to promote good health, vitality and longevity, and have better mental clarity and more internal force for daily work and play. It sounds too good to be true, but it is true.” 

- Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

(Chi Kung Course Three) 5th June 2017 - Guildford, Surrey



Progressing beyond development and achieving the outcomes of Chi Kung skills.

A competent Chi Kung practitioner should be healthy, happy and have lots of energy. This means they have developed the skills and achieved the correct outcomes. However, the real skill is in bringing the benefits to everything you do. Just as in much meditation practice, it is not enough to “leave it on the cushion”.

Just a reminder, at the most basic the fundamental skills ensure you don’t get in the way of achieving the highest benefits of chi kung – in one way you might look at this as not causing ‘harm’.

Mark Appleford and Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

So, what is next?

At the beginning of this course you will already know how to use the fundamentals skills of Chi Kung to achieve benefits. 

The next level is to use these skills in everything you do. That might initially require a conscious decision or process, which eventually leads to effortless competence. You might think of this as being where the right thing just seems to happen – marvellous!

This course teaches you the skills required to effortlessly use them in everything you do. And realize/remember/appreciate that you were always ok.

Why is using Chi Kung skills in everything you do important?

If you have already got this far you probably will by now realize the answer. If you haven’t learnt Chi Kung yet then being able to be happy, healthy and have lots of energy, have a clear and incisive mind and be able to perform well at anything you do, anywhere might to anyone be considered as an obviously useful set of skills.

So what does using Chi Kung skills in everything you do look like. 

Once you have done this course you will have learnt how to use your Chi Kung skills in everything you do. Obviously you’ll then go from this course and get better at just doing it. This set of skills also gives you the complete platform to go on and practice or develop any advanced Chi Kung skill.


Shaolin Summer Camp 2016

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