Life is a meaningful flow of energy...

"When our senses become muffled we no longer feel fully alive. How can we learn to integrate our ordinary sensory experiences so we can live with 
the natural flow of feeling
and feel secure
 and complete in our bodies?"

Bessel Van Der Kolk, in 'The Body Keeps the Score’

Shaolin Summer Camp Courses 2018

with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

For many people who are unwell becoming healthy is an important aim. They often want to continue with a healthy, happy and long life and this can involve making useful and meaningful changes in various ways.
This year’s Summer Camp is about: becoming more skillful at bringing about useful and meaningful change.


This year Sifu will be teaching three days of NeiGung, which he describes as “Chi Kung, focused at a deeper level”. He also wants to teach a Wudang KungFu (Tai Chi Chuan) course that focuses on training energy and cultivating your spirit. At the end of the course we believe it will lead to you understanding how you can use your Tai Chi Chuan skills to achieve something meaningful in your life.

The Secrets of Wudang Kung Fu

12 - 15 JULY

The foundations of Nei Gung for Healthier Living


Nei Gung for Meaningful Change


Nei Gung for Shifting Consciousness


Venue in Tonbridge

Situated on a 150 acre site 25 miles from southeast London

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Course Times & Info

Information about where to be, what time, what to wear & what to bring with you.
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Grandmaster Etiquette

This page gives you all you need to know about how to get the best out of the courses. 

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